*Foodcap Retail Unloader - Hydraulic capsule unpacker.

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FoodCap Retail Unloader is a hydraulic lifting machine from Simpro which safely removes compressed meat from FoodCap capsules – ideal for retail stores and butcheries.

To unload a FoodCap capsule, simply wheel it into the cradle of the machine, attach the lifting hook to the tray spindle eye and press the 'Raise' button. The product trays are lifted cleanly from the capsule. Once the product is unloaded, press the 'Lower' button to return the trays into position, unhook the spindle, and remove the capsule.

FoodCap Retail Unloader is fitted with four high-quality castors, and since the cradle is raised slightly clear of the ground, it is also a useful tool for moving heavy FoodCaps around the store or butchery.

Like all Simpro products, FoodCap Retail Unloader is maintenance-free, with a 12-volt deep-cycle battery, reliable electro-hydraulic system and robust steel construction. With a little care, it will give many years of trouble-free service.

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Max lift capacity: 200kg