• 300L Eurobin
  • 300L Eurobin
  • Eurobin 300l Stainless-steel meat cart wheeled EB300B (bevelled edge - 304 grade)
  • Eurobin 300l Stainless-steel meat cart wheeled EB300F (Flat faced - 304 grade)

300L Eurobin

High-capacity stainless-steel meat cart
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Eurobins are used throughout the food processing industry for their easy-clean hygienic design, large capacity, and compatibility with equipment such as the Eurover bin tipper and Euroweigh scale set. They are known by a variety of names, including Meat Carts, Tote Bins, Mackie Bins, Roser Bins, and Dixie Bins.

The 300L Eurobin from Simpro is manufactured from 304-grade stainless steel and has a bead-blasted finish, making it ideal for meat processing plants, bakeries, cereal manufacturers and other hygiene-critical applications. A version produced from 316-grade steel is also available, for use in acidic environments.

Because Simpro Eurobins comply with industry standards such as DIN9797, they can be handled by all common trunnion-lift equipment. With with four large wheels in an offset diamond formation, the bins are very stable and manoeuvrable – even on irregular surfaces, or when heavily loaded. The base of the Eurobins is additionally reinforced by a 3mm-thick tightly welded steel plate thus enabling optimum stability and quiet running. The bins are produced with CNC laser cutting and welding machinery, from best stainless steel.

- 300 litre capacity
- Grade 304 Stainless Steel
- Wall thickness = 2mm
- Bottom thickness = 5mm

300L Eurobin Features

Simpro Eurobin dimensions

Eurobin Specifications
Model EB300
Capacity 300L
Bin Length ("BL") 830mm
Bin Width ("BW") 660mm
Overall Width ("OW") 710mm
Overall Height ("OH") 930mm
Weight ~50kg
Materials 304-grade stainless steel (options: 316-grade stainless steel, anti-stick Teflon™ coating)
Sides 2mm thick with folded rim and bevelled front face (options: flat front face)
Base 5mm thick, reinforced by wheel lugs and axle
Wheels 4x ⌀150mm non-marking white nylon wheels in offset diamond formation
Handling Specifications Two DIN9797-compliant lifting trunnions, one ⌀20mm manual grab-handle
Applicable Standards DIN9797:1988-10, Conformité Européene (CE)


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