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Quiktruk E15

Li-ion 1.5t electric pallet truck with plug&play battery
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The Quiktruk E15 is a new semi-electric pallet truck from Simpro, with a Li-ion battery and 1500kg capacity - making it an ideal pallet-handling solution for Kiwi SME's.

The E15's Li-ion battery pack delivers six hours of operation from three hours of charge, and can be exchanged in under 30 seconds. This allows all-day operation with a single spare battery (Simpro part 0030180002).

The E15 features a low-maintenance brushless motor, with stepless speed control up to 4.5km/h and sufficent power to drive 1500kgs up a 3.5% slope. An ergonomic tiller, lightweight structure and tiny turning radius make the E15 suitable for use in constricted spaces such as trucks and shop aisles.

This combination of versatility and smart engineering makes the Quiktruk E15 an ideal load-moving solution for manufacturing, dispatch and logistics operations, especially where operational continuity is critical. Like all Quiktruk products, the E15 complies with a range of international safety standards, and is manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified plant.

Quiktruk E15 features diagram

Quiktruk E15 Specifications
Model E15
Lift mechanism 8-stroke hydraulic jack
Load capacity ("Q") 1500kg
Lift travel 110mm
Lift travel per stroke ~14mm
Fork height, lowered ("h13") 80mm
Fork height, raised ("h3") 190mm
No. wheels, body 1
Wheel dimensions, body ⌀230mm x 61mm
No. wheels, forks 4
Wheel dimensions, forks ⌀80mm x 70mm
Height, tiller min / max ("h14") 840mm / 1260mm
Width overall ("b5") 550mm
Length overall ("l1") 1651mm
Length to face of forks ("l2") 501mm
Load centre distance ("c") 600mm
Fork length ("l") 1150mm
Fork width ("e") 160mm
Fork depth ("s") 48mm
Aisle width for pallets 1000x1200 crossways ("Ast") 2070mm
Aisle width for pallets 800x1200 lengthways ("Ast") 2120mm
Turning radius ("Wa") 1452mm
Travel speed 4.5km/h
Battery voltage / nominal capacity 48V / 20Ah (exchangeable lithium-ion battery)
Battery weight 15kg
Service weight 130kg