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The next generation of task-support vehicle
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The all new Lithium-ion powered JX0 Vertical Order Picker from EP Equipment combines a highly stable mast, with soft hydraulic controls and electronic power steering.

With a lift height of 3000mm you can easily pick up to 90kg of items and store them on the picking platform, which is hydraulically operated. The 120Ah Lithium-ion battery features an integrated Battery Management System (BMS) for smart charge/discharge management and extended battery life.

JX0 plays out its strengths in small-volume order picking and bulk-retail stocking applications. JX0 is designed to reduce injuries in the work place and increase efficency in the warehouse.

An AGM battery option is available for lower intensity applications.

 JX0 isometric view and dimensions

Key Parameters
Manufacturer     EP
Model designation     JX0
Drive unit     Electric
Operator type     Standing
Rated capacity on upper platform Q1 kg 90
Rated capacity on lower platform Q2 kg 110
Rated capacity on standing platform Q3 kg 136
Wheelbase y mm 1095
Service weight (including battery)   kg 800
Axle loading, laden, drive wheels/load wheels   kg  
Axle loading, unladen, drive wheels/load wheels   kg 370/430
Tyre type, drive wheels/load wheels     PU /rubber
Tyre size, drive wheels (diameter*width)   mm Ф210×70
Tyre size, load wheels (diameter*width)   mm Ф250×100
Wheels, number, drive/load (x=drive wheels)   mm 1x +2
Track width, front, drive end b10 mm 545
Track width, rear, load end b11 mm 640
Height, mast lowered h1 mm 1365
Seat height/standing height h7 mm 275
Stand height, elevated h12 mm 3060
Lift height h32 mm 500
Overall length L1 mm 1440
Overall width b2 mm 750
Ground clearance, center of wheelbase m2 mm 35
Fork dimensions L2 mm 540x740
initial height of front cargo platform h2 mm 870
Control handle height h5 mm 1040
Fork dimensions L4 mm 490×630
The channel width Ast mm 1850
Turning radius Wa mm 1260
Travel speed, laden/unladen   km/ h 6/6.5
Lifting speed, laden/unladen   m/ s 0.213/0.225
Lifting speed, laden/unladen   m/ s 0.023/0.028
Lowering speed, laden/unladen   m/ s 0.230/0.233
Lowering speed, laden/unladen   m/ s 0.30/0.29
Max. gradeability, laden/unladen   % 5/8
Service brake type     Electromagnetic
Drive motor rating S2 60 min   kW 0.65
Lift motor rating at S3 15%   kW 2.2
Battery type     Lithium-ion NMC
Battery voltage/capacity (5h)   V/Ah 24/120
Battery weight   kg 45
Battery dimensions (including BMS)   mm 465*259*335
Charger output   V/A 24/30
Other specifications
Type of drive unit     DC
Steering type     Electronic
Sound pressure level at the driver’s ear   dB (A) 74