QDD30TS - Pro 3.0t electric tow tractor, with seated operation and 15km/h top speed

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The QDD30TS is a mid-duty warehouse tow tractor from EP with a towing capacity of up to 3 tonnes, 15km/h top speed and a DIN15170 tow adaptor which can be configured to suit different trolleys and trailers. With a comfortable operator seat and electronic power steering, the QDD30TS is an cost-effective tool to increase warehouse productivity and reduce back injuries.

For manouvering in narrow aisles, the the QDD30TS is designed around a ultracompact tricycle layout, and has large solid tyres which are suitable for use on uneven surfaces such as yard areas. With an external charger and a heavy-duty 48V/240Ah lead-acid battery on a lateral roller bed, the tractor is capable of 24/7 operations. A small load tray is integrated into the body, and a ZAPI AC controller and robust vertical drive wheel ensure maximum uptime.

The QDD30TS is backed by a two-year EP warranty.

- Max speed 15km/h
- Tow rating 3.0 tonnes
- Drawbar pull (60min): 750N
- Drawbar pull (5min): 3000N
- Service weight 970kg
- 48V/240Ah lead-acid battery
- ZAPI AC controller
- Turning radius 1575mm
- Electronic power steering

24 month (2000hr) full warranty